Geoprobe 6610 DT System:
The Power of a Kubota 4-Cylinder Turbo Diesel engine. The Model 6610DT converts mechanical energy from the diesel engine to hydraulic energy. This allows us to advance and retrieve probe rods and down-hole tools for subsurface sampling. It also powers the unit track assemblies via remote control, providing a highly mobile probing machine. This rig is capable of conducting Concrete Drilling, Soil, Vapor, Groundwater Sampling and well installations. The 6610DT System is equipped with GH60 Hammer that supply up to 47,000 Lbs. of pulling capacity and 35,000 lbs of down force. The probe cylinder has a 66” stroke. This rig has Outrigger Extensions for leveling the unit in uneven conditions. Self Contained Decon Water Tank and Decon Rack. Optional auger head attachment and Drop Hammer for geotechnical blow counts for SPT calculations.